Conceptual Editing…

Here we are in February and we are now officially in conceptual editing. My Conceptual Editor, Brianna, provided me with a time line of events for the month. On Feb 21 (but hopefully sooner) I will receive my first official feedback! I will receive the edited manuscript and I will have a 1 week to review, comment, and return it back to my editor. Really? One week? I am so excited I think it would take 3 minutes! LOL. I have asked to receive the edited manuscript sooner due to my upcoming surgery. I would really like to have it reviewed and returned before the 21st which also happens to be the day of my surgery. Brianna stated she would try so we will keep our fingers crossed. On March 11 they will return a clean copy of the manuscript and I will have one final opportunity to review it before signing the approval form. I have to have this completed by March 21. Once they receive the final manuscript they will move the project to the audio and design departments!!! Finally! This is what I have been waiting for!!! The really cool thing is that I may be able to travel to the publisher’s and record the audio book myself! I certainly hope things can work out so that I can. That would be so cool! I can purchase a copy for my iPad and my kiddos can hear their story any time they want! I also learned that Brianna was supposed to met with the illustrators today but due to this lovely weather they were snowed in! Hopefully tomorrow they can venture out and discuss the illustrations then. So, that is what I know so far. We are patiently waiting here while they work their publishing magic. I cannot wait to see the illustrations and if I can I will show you samples. Yippee!!!


To all my family and friends!

I wanted to say thanks to all my family and friends for their continued support and encouragement. This is an exciting time for me and especially for my family. I am excited to see Canyon and Maddie’s 15 minutes of fame when the book comes out! I wonder if they will ever really know how much I love them and am so grateful they are my children. My husband has been incredibly supportive through this and I will need his continued devotion and patience when the book signings come! I sure hope is up for the role of Shawnna’s slave…I mean assistant! I want to say thank you to my wonderful mother who encouraged the book and while she was supposed to co-author this one maybe she will be up for the next one. Hint Hint. I hope the release of this book encourages many of you to follow your dream and find a means to the end for what ever it is you want to accomplish. If you have a manuscript waiting around to get published then dust it off and send it to all the publishers that deal with that type of book (I have a long list for Children’s book publishers). I received SEVERAL (too many to mention here) rejection letters and debated over self-publishing too. I feel so very fortunate to have found my publisher and so far I am pleased! The bottom line is that it takes a long time for a book to get published so CARPE DIEM!!!

Welcome to Copy Editing!!

So I received an email from my editor and we have officially started the publishing process!!! Yeah!!! What does that mean though…exactly? Well, the first step is copy editing. This is the process in which the copy editor reviews the manuscript from a technical perspective. They are looking for punctuation, misspellings, and formatting. This process will take about a month. Personally, I hope it takes a lot less time but c’est la vie! After the copy editing process has been completed the manuscript is then handed off to the conceptual editor. This process can take 1-2 months. The conceptual editor works more in-depth with the manuscript and the author on plot, dialogue, etc. Next up is the part that I am really looking forward to…illustrations!!! Since I wrote a children’s book, it is the illustrations that really bring the story to life. The illustrations are crucial to the story and I am hoping that I will get to have some input on my ideas for the characters. This process takes a month and I just cannot wait to see my main characters brought to life. The next step is cover and layout design which happens in month 5. Month 6 wraps up the process and the book is then prepared for print. While I know the process takes 6 months…who can wait? Ugh! Oh, well, one step at a time and soon my book will be published! I certainly hope I can sell at least 1 copy…that isn’t to a friend.



I was told to blog!

In January I will finally begin the editing process on my first children’s picture book. I am so excited, nervous, anxious, etc. My publisher told me to start blogging now (before the release) so here we are. I know no one will find this right away but I hope it will be the beginning of a second career. I love writing these books and I am so thrilled I found a publisher that was willing to help me get this book out there.

So, you are wondering…what is the book about? Well, I thought you’d never ask! This first book is called What kind of a name is that? I wrote this book because children can be cruel but they can also be amazing! I grew up with the last name Trout. I know…hee hee haa…it is funny…now! As a child I was relentlessly ridiculed. I know I am not alone in this either. We all have friends that were easy targets simply because they were born with a funny name. As you can see my married name is still an easy target…even for adults which I get all the time. This means my kiddos may very well encounter other kids that may take the opportunity to poke fun of their last name. This story centers around my daughter, Madison, as she begins her first day of Kinder. The really amazing thing (and completely unplanned as I could never have planned it this well) is that my daughter actually starts Kinder next fall. My son, Canyon, is in the fourth grade in the story (and will be in the fall) and he helps her to laugh off what people say. I hope you get the opportunity to purchase this book and more importantly, I hope your children love it and can learn from it.

I will keep you posted as we begin the editing process and if you want to ask any questions as I venture along in this unfamiliar territory please do! I am using Tate Publishing and so far I have been very happy with their level of communication. I cannot wait to hear from them next month though! I hope I do not bug them too much as I just have a million questions!