So I am getting ready to start the publishing process again with book number two! I am very excited but also very apprehensive. With the first book everything was new and I had NO idea what to do, expect, etc. So am I a little wiser? I would say yes, but that also means I will now worry more too. I know I really need a review of the book but how in the world does that happen? Currently I am trying to get my first book reviewed but the places that provide that service free take forever…if they review you at all. So, if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them! Also, marketing!! Such an ugly word but vital to my success. How do you reach your readers? Well, I am working on that too. Social networking, book events at schools, book stores, libraries and even using a marketing campaign are all ideas I am trying. Meanwhile, I am pressing on with book number 2!! Yeah!!!