I went to the mailbox this past Saturday and my stomach was in knots. I was eagerly awaiting my first glimpse at my book. I pulled open the box and removed the contents to find it had finally arrived!!!! My book was here!!!!! I of course ran inside to rip open the envelope and see my hard work and patience in a hard copy format. I woke up my husband (yes he was still asleep) and made him watch me open the envelope….tah dah!!!!! It was truly an amazing moment. I was on cloud nine and have carried it with me all weekend! When my kiddos were all finally home I sat them down to read the book. I would be lying if I said they were as excited as me…they were excited because I was excited but I can tell they really wanted to be playing video games! Do they not get how cool it is to have a book published? Do they not get how cool it is to have a book written with them as the main characters? Apparently not! Maybe I should design a new video game and then I would be super cool mom. Probably not, they would just think that all mom’s are supposed to design video games. No matter, I am not letting that deter my excitement!!! Tomorrow my very cool and wonderful friend Dawn is going to help me record the audio for the eBook. Once we complete that, and once I complete the final proof of the hard copy, I can sit back and wait for my publisher to tell me my book is ready to be purchased. That should happen sometime next month. The book will not be released until September though. I published a new website so everyone can see where the upcoming book signings will be so please visit and share with your friends!!! I plan on being in the DFW area as well!! I hope to see you all and thank you for your love, support, and continued encouragement! http://www.madcanenterprises.com