My heart is just leaping out of my chest!!! After a couple of strongly worded emails, and one phone call to the cover designer, I received the first copy of my book (PDF copy of course). It was such an amazing moment that it brought tears to my eyes and happiness to my heart. I have not let my children see it yet! I feel like I just bought them the best new toy and I have to hide it till Christmas. Of course, they won’t react the same way I see them reacting in my head! HA HA. Thank goodness I have my fake memories!

So the layout is done, the illustrations are almost done (two little tweaks), and the front and back covers will be done shortly. So tell me something. If I asked you to send me a photo of yourself that will go on the back cover of a book for all to see….how hard do you think that would be? Well let me tell you, for  me, that was excrucitating! Women are usually so overcritical of themselves which makes it very tough to settle on a photo. Don’t want to look too old, too pale, too close, too far, do I need Botox? etc… All I have to say is Thank Goodness for PhotoShop!!!!

What’s next? By mid June I will have the first hard copy draft version of my book in my hands! I have already started getting promotional material and with that I have created a website to help get the word out! Please go to to see the new site! I have included a link to our Santa’s Calling business ( so please don’t forget us this holiday season!!! The book should be ready for me to get my first copies in July and it should be released in September. Stay tuned!!!!