So, I am gearing up for the book to be finished and cannot help but think about marketing. It sounds like a dirty word…kinda. It really sounds like an overwhelming obstacle! Now, thank goodness my publisher handles most of the marketing for me but I would be foolish to think I do not have to put in just as much work if not more than they do. I mean, who can sell me better than me? Right? Here are some of the things I cannot help but think about: 1. How much time during the week will this take? I only have 2 weeks of vacation you know…till next year when I finally get three!!! 2. I have a list of what to bring to a book signing but until I do that first one…or three… I really do not know what to expect. Exciting but nerve racking! 3. I spoke to a wonderful woman at Barnes and Noble that really helped me understand the booking signing process with them. She also clued me in on another question I had. When you do book signings at schools are you supposed to purchase the books yourself to sell to the kiddos? Her answer was yes and no. You always want to purchase some to have them handy in case you run out during any book signing but book stores like Barnes and Noble (BN) can sponsor your book signing at schools. They purchase the books that will be sold and any left over they have the option to return to the publisher or sell in their store. Now, I know what you are thinking. Who wants their books returned? Well, no one does but you are far more likely to have a sponsor like BN if they know they can return books if they so choose. Otherwise, they are more likely to not sponsor your book signing and you will be left to purchase your books and work hard to get them sold! Also, did you know that not all BN stores do book signings? Well, they don’t. There are usually a few in an area that schedule and host book signings for authors. There is also a New Author Book Signing that is hosted by BN so if you have a book and you are a new author…look them up! 4. There is so much additional marketing material available. I can purchase bookmarks, coloring books, 3D versions of my book, posters, business cards, etc. How do I know what is worth spending the extra cash on? Here is where my teacher friends will come in handy! What do kids like these days? I think the 3D books may be a good idea since 3D movies are so popular right now. I want to purchase bookmarks to give away with the books but what about coloring books? My thought was no. You can get any old coloring book for a $1 why would they (parents) want to spend more on a coloring book? Am I right on this? I think the poster is a great idea because it can go in the windows of a BN a week or two before the book signing or even in the window of a school library.

Well, I can tell you I still have a million more questions but the bottom line is…these are all good problems!