I was able to preview the first draft of the illustrations today. They were really good! I have provided my feedback on the main characters and cannot wait to get the next round of sketches. So, are you wondering if you really have any input into what the illustrations will be? The answer is simple, YES!!! My illustrator, Jesse, is fantastic. She called me and we went over the book and how she saw the book laid out. To my surprise, her vision was so close to mine! That made me feel like a reader not only got the story but also saw it in their mind the same way I did…without the illustrations. That is an awesome feeling. This phase of the process will take a month and at the end the book will be brought to life! We are getting so much closer to the publication of my first children’s book! I cannot believe I am so close to being a published author. Now, I have to start thinking about sell, sell, sell! That’s a good problem to have!