So, if you did not already know, once you have completed your final review of your edits you have to submit a form to the publisher. This form basically states that the final version you are sending is final and no further editing is required. I completed that form and sent a clean copy of my manuscript and VIOLA! Editing completed! This leads us on to the illustrations!!! Once I am put on the schedule my illustrator will call me (or email) and we will begin the illustration process. Now, I have made it very clear that this step in the process is the part that I have been waiting for!! I am so excited and just cannot wait till I hear from them. I look forward to my story being brought to life and to finally “meet” the characters that I have had in my head for over 2 years! It feels a little like you are moments away from meeting a pen pal that you have been corresponding with for years. I wrote the story with my children in mind and I hope that the illustrator can capture them. I am a little curious though for them to read the story and see what the characters look like in their minds. You can see I am ready for this phase in the completion of my book. Ok, enough about illustrations. I was also told that now is a good time to start getting my list of marketing contacts together. While my publisher does set up all of the book signings, media releases, etc. having a marketing contacts list already detailed out will help make the process go smoother (and I hope faster). So, if anyone has any ideas (or contacts) of good places to do a book signing…please let me know!! I do plan on calling the basic locations Barnes & Noble, local elementary schools (and my nephews school in Burleson), libraries, and Learning Express. If you can think of any place I have not listed please let me know!! Thanks in advance!