Just when I think we are hitting a good stride….wham! Change happens. I think that those that can rise to the occasion and see the possibilities and opportunities of change will be successful no matter what comes their way. With that attitude, my editor accepted a position with another company so she could move closer to her family. While I am very happy for her, where does that leave me and my book? It leaves me in the hands of Patrick, my new conceptual editor. I look forward to getting my final draft back this Friday March 11, 2011. Once I review the final draft I will sign off on the book and with any luck we can be added to the schedule for illustrations on the first week in April. JOY!!!! I hope the illustrator will listen to my vision and we can come up with the best illustrations for the book. We are getting closer!!!

So, I want to ask a question. How many of you have been harboring a secret desire to write a book? Since I have made it known that I am finally living one of my dreams, many friends have come and had a million questions on how to get started. While I am certainly no expert, the obvious first response is to GET STARTED!!! I knew nothing about this and while the path I took may not be the path others will take, you will not go anywhere if you don’t get up and start. This has been a very long process and I encourage those that are serious to get a move on it! I will certainly answer any questions you may have but I cannot motivate you…I can encourage and tell you my experience but the motivation is entirely up to you.